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Traffic Cases Expungement

Traffic Cases Expungement

Leave Your Criminal History In The Past; Find Out If You Are Eligible For Expungement.

Arrests and convictions have a way of haunting you for the rest of your life. On job applications, bank loan requests, and even when seeking a home to rent, a simple traffic conviction can become a massive roadblock.

But they need not haunt you forever. Expungement exists to help those who have only ever committed minor crimes move on with their lives unimpeded. And you might be eligible for it!

Melton Law attorneys can help you figure out if your misdemeanor, traffic case, or traffic offense can be expunged and if so, will help you get it removed from criminal records. With our help, you will never have to mention it again on any ordinary job, house, loan, or other application.

It will truly be in the past.

Traffic Cases ExpungementWhat Is Expungement For Traffic Cases And Other Offenses?

An expungement means that the record of an arrest or a conviction is “sealed,” or erased from your criminal record for most purposes. Since even a traffic offense, DUI arrest, or misdemeanor conviction on your record can prevent you from getting a dream job or home, expungements can make a big difference.

After the expungement process is complete, you will ordinarily no longer need to disclose your arrest or criminal conviction. For example, when filling out an application for a job or apartment, if your conviction has been expunged you don’t need to disclose that arrest or conviction.

Melton Law can help you determine if you are eligible for expungement and assist you throughout the complex legal process required to obtain one for your traffic offense arrest or conviction.

Am I Eligible For Expungement For My Traffic Charge?

While the vast majority of minor charges, misdemeanors, and similar traffic offenses are eligible for expungement, not every case will be accepted. Several factors are in play for determining eligibility for traffic case expungement, which is one of the reasons you should always consult with an attorney before sending in an expungement application to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).

  • First, you will have to wait a given amount of time, depending on the severity of the traffic offense, before it can be expunged. This can range from three years for certain misdemeanors to up to ten years for driving under the influence or impaired driving charges.
  • Second, you cannot have any outstanding fines and/or current criminal cases or traffic offenses pending against you. Even a single traffic ticket could cost you an expungement so take no chances and have a qualified attorney review your case.
  • Finally, your entire legal record will be considered and taken into account for expungement approval, including past expunged cases, though traffic offenses will not be counted against you.

If you believe you meet all of the above criteria, then you may very well be eligible for expungement. If you are unsure of your eligibility, Call Melton Law at
(801) 769-0057 or book a consultation online to discuss your case.

What Are The Limitations Of Traffic Offense Expungements?

Expungements, while extremely helpful, and potentially even life-changing and liberating, are not a way for anyone to re-write the past completely.

First of all, expungements are not a 100% erasure of the arrest or conviction. Even if a charge was dismissed, and the dismissed charge was later expunged, the record of it will exist in your expunged file, which certain law enforcement agencies can still examine. This means that while you will never have to disclose it, certain agencies will be able to find it and act on it.

Secondly, expungements are not available to anyone and everyone with a criminal arrest or conviction on their record. Certain convictions and circumstances could prevent you from obtaining an expungement, including:

  • Capital, first-degree, or violent felony conviction
  • Felony automobile homicide
  • Felony DUI
  • Registerable sex offenses

Additionally, in most cases, you may not obtain an expungement if you have a criminal case currently pending against you.

Finally, falsifying information or providing misleading information on the Utah BCI application for expungement will also prevent you from obtaining one, which can even include accidental mistakes. Mistakes an experienced expungement lawyer can help you avoid when applying for the expungement of your traffic offense or conviction.

Your Trusted Utah Traffic Or Criminal Offense Expungement Attorney

The Utah criminal record expungement process can range from quite easy to very complicated and requires multiple steps to be completed in the correct order without error. Even if you have been denied once, you may still be able to get your record expunged with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Melton Law can help you identify and take additional steps to make you eligible for expungement even if you have had difficulty obtaining it in the past. Contact us today to get your record cleared.

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