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Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a frightening and stressful experience for anyone. You have rights worth defending, and you don’t have to face this situation alone. Melton Law, PLLC in Salt Lake City, Utah represents defendants in a wide variety of criminal cases. Attorney William Melton can help you understand your charges and the penalties you may face, investigate the facts of your case, and create a defense strategy to protect you. If you are facing criminal charges and feel unsure about what you should do, contact Melton Law, PLLC today for a free initial consultation.  


Driving under the influence can cost you thousands and land you a jail sentence.

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Drug Charges

We represent clients accused of possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, and more.

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Sex Charges

We represent clients accuse of sexual assault and other serious sexual offenses.

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If you are facing assault or domestic violence charges, let us protect your freedom.

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Protective Orders

If you have been issued a protective order, we will defend you at your hearing.

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Defending Your Rights & Protecting Your Freedom

Melton Law PLLC

William Melton is a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who advises and represents clients in a variety of criminal matters, including:  

  • DUI 
  • Drug Charges 
  • Sex Crime Charges 
  • Assault & Domestic Violence 
  • Protection Orders  
  • + More  

Is a past arrest or conviction hurting your reputation and limiting your opportunities? We also help clients with expungements. Having your criminal record expunged means having records of a certain incident sealed. Once an arrest or conviction is expunged from your record, you are no longer obligated to tell potential employers or other parties about the incident. If you are ready to leave your criminal history in the past, contact us and find out if you are eligible for expungement.  

Discuss Your Case With a Compassionate and Experienced Attorney Today

Don’t fight your charges alone and don’t hesitate to partner with a professional. The sooner you get an attorney involved in your case, the better chance they will have of recovering critical evidence needed for your defense. In your free initial consultation, we can discuss your case and answer your questions. We are available Monday-Friday from 9AM-9PM and we offer flexible payment plan options to accommodate our clients’ needs. Call today and get the legal guidance you need.  

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