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Client Testimonials

"Melton Law and the attorneys Tony and William are, without a doubt, the best legal law firm in town. Their unwavering commitment to fighting for their client's rights and making the impossible possible is genuinely remarkable. As a client, I was impressed by their exceptional patience and expertise in answering my questions, no matter how complex or trivial they may have been. Mr. William and Tony answered all my overwhelming questions again and again without getting frustrated and I appreciate that! Their professionalism and attention to detail were evident from the moment I first contacted them, and they exceeded all of my expectations throughout the entire legal process. Their vast experience was reflected in the positive and the best outcome for my case and I am forever grateful for their invaluable assistance. I know who to call now if I ever get in trouble. They are the best! Thank you so much for your help!"
- Mert U.
"I was having some fun on these backraods and found myself going a bit quick in a county wasn't from. 102 in a 65 (those numbers are in kilometers per hour of course) Don't drive a Camry like a Porsche, because a Camry tops out at 110 and a Porsche does 175, and a police charger can go 155. It was alll the way in Wasatch and I am from Salt lake. I contacted these awesome guys because they know their way around the law, and especially speeding tickets!! That good guy William helped save the day and his buddy Tony that helps run the place is awesome and gave me updates with every part of the case. I got my dream outcome! Was worried I'd get something on my record that'd mess up my life. Melton law handled every piece of the puzzle and was able to get a speeding ticket off my record, nothing on insurance, and the biggest smile on my face. All my homies are going to use these guys if they find themselves in trouble.."
- Carson

"This dude helped me out. I would recommend not getting screwed and going here. To someone who's going to help you."

- Borja

"I've been represented by William on a few ongoing cases. He definitely knows the law and how to apply it. He's gone as far as looking into very fine details the law to make the best possible outcome. A real go getter."

- Barry

"So I do not normally leave reviews. However I feel like credit needs to go where credit is due. Melton law is the most friendly and dependable law firm I’ve ever dealt with. Both him and his associates are willing to answer all my concerns and questions with easy to make me comfortable. He talks to me like a person not just a client. I’ll refer him to everyone I know. Thanks will for being amazing :)"

- Chelsea

"William was very helpful during my process. He was very knowledgeable and understanding. Highly recommended and would send anyone to him if they need a great lawyer."

- Alex

"I can’t recommend Melton Law enough. If you ever need help their staff is so knowledgeable and caring. They are great at answering questions and always make sure you understand what’s going on. I wish I could leave 10 stars!"

- Joni

"This is the best lawyer you’ll ever come in contact with he’ll spend thousands of hours making sure that you’re well represented and is honest in his consultation. Thank you so much for the time you’re spending and the dedication you have on my husband’s case!"

- Victoria

"I was facing DWI among two other citations in Salt Lake City, Utah. Immediately following my arrest, when released, I searched for the best lawyer I could find that would best represent me. I saw Mr Meltons autobiography and reviews. Having spoken with Mr Melton, I knew he was the right person for representing me. I liked how knowledgeable, communicative, and positive he was. He understood the case with all the circumstances and situation, and knew exactly what to do. He kept my best interests at heart and I had full trust in Mr Melton. He made me feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more comfortable with the case. Most importantly the outcome. I couldn’t have done any better having representation, than with Mr Melton. Highly recommend him for service members especially."

- A Satisfied Client

"William and Tony were great!! They helped me step by step with my citation as it was all so foreign to me. I really appreciate them! If you ever need a lawyer for traffic incidents this is who you call to represent you!"

- Samantha

"I definitely will recommend William to anyone who needs a lawyer. William was an amazing attorney. I felt he handled my case with the ethical professionalism of a seasoned attorney, I never once felt alone or lost wall I was undergoing this endeavor. Thank you, for helping me with my case I won’t hesitate to reach out if I ever need legal assistants again."

- Bethany

"Informative, Experienced and motivated to help. Grate lawyer and a friendly person. Was able to explain what was going on In a way i could understand."

- Zachery
"William Melton was referred to me by a friend who is familiar with his work. I have zero regrets that I chose him for my attorney. The outcome of my case was very satisfactory and that is due to having an excellent attorney!"
- Gina

"At the beginning of my DUI case I felt lost, extremely scared, and helpless. That all changed after just One phone call with William Melton. He was reassuring and confident. He advised that any question i might have he was happy to assist me with. He was able to get me completely out of 1-3 months of jail time, and lessened my court fee to about 1/3 of the initial charge. I am truly grateful for his time, his team, and his patience. I wasn't just another customer for him, He genuinely wanted to help me and that's hard to come by these days. Thank you William!"

- A Satisfied Client
"William Melton was very professional and responsive. He was asked to help with a speeding citation received while I was traveling through Utah and was able to discuss it with the court and have it removed from my record. I was very satisfied with work."
- A Satisfied Client

"I was caught speeding visiting Utah and got a reckless driving charge too. Melton Law got me out of the reckless driving charge and no points on my license. Only a small fine so happy I got Melton Law on my side. The results are better than I expected Thank You!"

- Jose

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