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Commercial Vehicle & Trucking Accidents In Utah

Commercial Vehicle & Trucking Accidents In Utah - Criminal Law, Personal Injury and Traffic Cases Expungement Lawyer - Taylorsville, UtahThe following article will cover:

  • Common causes of commercial vehicle and trucking accidents in Utah.
  • Severe injuries resulting from trucking accidents.
  • Liability and compensation in commercial vehicle accidents.

What Are Common Causes Of Commercial Vehicle And Trucking Accidents Across Utah?

Safety violations are one of the most common causes of commercial vehicle and trucking accidents in Utah. It is not uncommon to spot a semi-truck pulled over for a safety inspection. These inspections are crucial as they verify the condition of significant safety features such as the tire tread and brakes. Any issue compromising the safe operation of the vehicle can potentially cause accidents.

What Are Some Severe Injuries Resulting From Trucking Accidents?

Given the sheer weight of semi-trucks, which can range from 30,000 to 80,000 pounds, the injuries sustained in accidents involving these vehicles tend to be significantly more severe than those in accidents involving average cars that weigh around 4,000 pounds.

The risk of serious injuries like broken bones and concussions is heightened considerably due to this disparity in size and weight. Even a minor accident can cause serious injuries due to the force exerted by an 80,000-pound truck on a 4,000-pound car.

Who Will Potentially Be Liable For My Serious Injuries In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Liability in truck accidents can fall on several parties. The driver of the vehicle is always a potential liable party. However, the company owning the truck and even the company that hired the trucking company for transport could potentially be at fault and liable. Therefore, there are multiple parties that can be held accountable in such situations.

How Much Compensation Can I Get For Injuries Sustained In A Trucking Accident?

Considering the severity of injuries typically sustained in trucking accidents, the compensation tends to be significantly higher. Most semi-trucks carry commercial insurance policies that commonly start at a million dollars. Further, you may also collect from business policies. The exact amount depends on your specific damages. However, given the seriousness of these accidents, the compensation is often substantial, usually reaching into six figures.

Do Commercial Vehicle Accidents Differ From Passenger Vehicle Only Accidents In Utah?

Indeed, commercial vehicle accidents differ greatly from passenger vehicle-only accidents. An attorney experienced in dealing with semi-trucks is essential due to the unique state and federal laws involved. There are specific requirements, such as log book regulations and daily safety inspections, that an inexperienced individual may not be aware of.

At our firm, Melton Law, we have extensive experience in the trucking industry, and with my personal background as a semi-truck mechanic, we have a deep understanding of the safety concerns and factors to investigate to ensure the vehicle was operated safely.

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