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Protective Orders

Defend Yourself Against A Protective Order

Protective OrdersA protective order, also known as a restraining order, is a court order that is often granted in situations of alleged domestic violence. In the initial hearing, the accused generally doesn’t have a chance to defend themselves. The judge will hear the accuser’s story and will typically grant a temporary protective order that prevents the accused from contacting the alleged victim without legal repercussions. Then, in a second hearing, the accused has an opportunity to present their side of the story before the judge decides whether or not to issue another order.

If you are facing a protective order, Melton Law can help you understand your legal situation and obligations. We can also represent you in your hearing. The consequences of a protection order can have a serious effect on your daily life and your rights. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, William Melton knows that accusations can sometimes be a far cry from the truth. He will investigate your case thoroughly to recover evidence and retain witnesses to support your stance. Call today to start with a free initial consultation.

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