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Attorney Endorsements

"Will is passionate about his practice and has even gone through the same training that officers get for DUI sobriety testing!"

– Brent Huff, DUI and DWI Attorney

"There are several reasons why I endorse William Melton. No one out works William Melton. He is an extremely dedicated and hard-working attorney. Also, William is also very friendly and easy to talk with. He is empathetic and listens carefully to what you are concerned about. You can tell he truly wants to help his clients. William is not afraid of opposing counsel either. He is firm, and he stands his ground when necessary."

– Jonathan Litster, Criminal defense Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer. William and I have worked together closely on several cases over the years and I have come to know him as a professional who cares about and will do anything for his clients. Beyond that, he is ethical and committed to transparency and consistent communication with his clients and other criminal justice players. I would recommend you set up a free consultation with him if you are in the need of criminal defense representation."

– Craig Johnson, Criminal defense Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer."

– Dallas Norton, Criminal defense Attorney

"William and I went to Law School together and shared many of the same classes. We often studied together for our various finals and projects and it was there that I was able to witness William's devout determination and commitment to his clients, and his deep knowledge and understanding of the Law. Before Law School, William worked as a paralegal in criminal defense and he kept working as a paralegal and in other legal positions during law school. William and I both had an unquenchable thirst for legal knowledge through out Law school which resulted in both success in our classes and an early graduation. As we studied together and worked on projects together he continued to put the needs of the clients at his firm first while at the same time out scoring his peers on his graded assignments. I have no doubt that he now represents his own clients with the same determination and knowledge that he exhibited while in Law School, which is why I endorse William Melton."

– Daniel Hansen, Criminal defense Attorney
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